Threats to gender-affirming care affect mental health of trans youth (includes audio story)

This podcast takes a look at the consequences of threats to gender-affirming care in Florida, such as affected mental health in trans youth.

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Episode 1

On the first episode of Transparency, Caplin News sat down with Dr. Rosenkrantz, a licensed psychologist that specializes in LGBTQ+ Jewish and BIPOC empowerment and relationship wellness. We discuss the current issue surrounding recent bans on gender-affirming care in South Florida, where she expresses her concerns on the effects it will have on trans youth and the restrictions it can give her patients.

“It’s required a lot of creativity to figure out how we find these resources, to get these things to happen,” said Dr. Rosenkrantz. “But the thing that gives me hope through all of this is that we are organizing as a community in a way that I haven’t seen previously.”

Episode 2

On episode two of Transparency, Brenda Alonso shares her journey with transitioning and her experience with gender-affirming care in Florida. We learn of the obstacles she has overcome throughout it, but also ones she now has to face due to recent legislative bans on gender-affirming care in-state.

“With all the legislation, it’s been a lot harder for a lot of people,” Alonso said. “I remember calling my doctor after that, I was torn apart.”

Brenda hopes that there will be change in the near future. Not just in Florida, but in many other states that also created an unsafe environment for the trans community.

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