Disney World’s new TRON Lightcycle Run flies at 59 mph

Speeding down a steel rail at 59 mph, TRON Lightcycle Run recently became the fastest roller coaster at Walt Disney World. The highly anticipated attraction, which originated in Shanghai Disneyland, has debuted over the last few months and will finally have its grand opening in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland April 4.

The ride was announced back in 2017 and a soft opening started this past March 20. Only park-goers who manage to secure a free boarding group pass at 7 a.m. or 1 p.m. on the My Disney Experience app can ride. Queues have been long, so it’s recommended to get on the app early. The virtual queue system will continue until further notice. Guests can also ride the attraction by purchasing an individual lightning lane pass.

Besides the intricately thought-out theming and attention to detail that Disney is known for, what really makes this coaster unique are the motorcycle-style seats. But they’ve received mixed reviews.

Miami-native and Disney World annual passholder, Adrian Sabarots, 22, who is an avid park-goer and thrill seeker, rode TRON March 25. He recalls his experience on the motorcycle-style seats this way.

“I was mind blown by how fast the launch was,” said Sabarots. “I just wish there were more instructions about the ride vehicle because getting in and out of it was a little awkward, and they should also add cushioning to the seats near the chest area because it’s really uncomfortable since you’re leaning forward the whole time.”

Since the seat is designed to look and feel like a motorcycle, some people like Sabarots have reported having trouble getting in and out of it. Additionally, many claim that the seats aren’t comfortable since you’re hunched over for the entire duration of the ride. However,  this issue has been overlooked by many because of the ride’s impressive launch and astonishing canopy structure.

Luckily, the last two seats on the coaster are adaptive and can accommodate those who don’t fit on the regular seats. These are traditional seats with a standard lap bar that you’d commonly see at other roller coasters on Disney property.

The ramp that leads down to the boarding zone of TRON Lightcycle Run. (Keilyn Quintero / SFMN)

Carlos Cameselle, 16, who visited Disney World for his father’s birthday March 25, was stunned when he got a boarding group for the new attraction. However, he wasn’t expecting the motorcycle-style seats to be such a big problem.

“When we went down the ramp to get onto the roller coaster, I saw a separate line for those who needed to be accommodated in the adaptive seats,” said Carlos. “I was shocked to be honest because it was a pretty long line, I think Disney should’ve added more of the traditional seats.”

According to Disney World’s official site: “The seating and restraints on this attraction may prohibit guests of certain body shapes or sizes from riding.”

The park responded to the controversy on FOX35 Orlando with the following statement: “We offer the opportunity for guests to test the restraint system outside the attraction before entering the queue. A bench seat with lap bar is also available for guests with a disability or fit concerns to experience the attraction if accessibility for this unique ride system is a concern.”

Besides the motorcycle-style seats, the attraction has received a lot of praise. According to park-goers and cast members, the attraction is significantly better at night because TRON’s canopy structure is lit up with thousands of blue lights.

Samantha Medina, 21, works at the front desk at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and has worked with the company for over two years. She said this about her first time riding the attraction during staff previews.

“I enjoyed the attraction a lot and my favorite part was the launch,” said Medina. “It is very much just a speed ride, there isn’t too much to look at and it does feel like it goes by very quickly. But I think to get the most out of the attraction, you have to ride it at night.”

With all being said, your experience on TRON Lightcycle Run will depend significantly on your size. Despite the concerns, though the ride will likely become a new fan favorite — solely based on its speed and innovative design.

Keilyn Quintero is a senior majoring in digital communications and media with a track in digital journalism. After she graduates, she wishes to pursue a career as a music journalist.