Years before the collapse, Champlain Towers reports contained red flags (includes video story)

In the conversation about the collapse in Surfside, one thought is echoed– buildings do not just fall down.

Reports coming out over the weekend imply there was more to the building than meets the eye. National Public Radio reported that an engineering firm gave the condominium association a report stating the Surfside condo had major structural damage in October 2018.

A month later, an inspector told a meeting of residents the building was “in very good shape.”

Then the Associated Press reported the repairs carried a price tag of $9 million.

It will be some time before the exact cause of the collapse is fully known. But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says some of the debris holds forensic evidence that could help uncover the reason for this catastrophe.

Kasey Mintz is a journalism student at Florida International University. He enjoys college football, politics, and the Office.