Amateur fighting takes South Florida by a whirlwind (includes video story)

This weekend, amateur fighters got a shot to be in the spotlight with more than 30 MMA and kickboxing events in South Florida. 

305 Fights is one of many programs in Miami where amateur fighters can test their skills, minors included. The main event was held at the Manuel Artime Theater, where there was a heavyweight and bantamweight title up for grabs. 

“I have been grinding hard,” said Howard Grant, a kickboxing champion. “Got to come out here and compete for this belt, I’m thankful to be able to come out with a win.”

With representatives from the International Sport Karate and Kickboxing Association (ISKA), and first responders on standby, contestants were able to give it their all in hopes that they might one day go professional.

Amateur fighters like David Tercero are among those closest to a pro debut.

“Everything you saw today is not done by slacking off, everything I’ve done today is by hard work,” Tercero said.  

While 305 Fights is known for helping amateurs gain their footing, fighters and fans hope to see some championship events in the near future.

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