Five best ghost kitchens in Kendall

Ghost kitchens have taken the food delivery scene by storm, providing a convenient and exciting way to enjoy delicious meals from various culinary concepts. These concepts are different from your typical sit-down restaurant experience: they aren’t available for dine-in, just delivery. 

In Miami, where food culture thrives, the options for ghost kitchen delights are abundant. To help you navigate the array of choices, we have compiled a list of five ghost kitchens that offer exceptional cuisine. From mouth-watering burgers to gooey grilled cheese sandwiches, these virtual eateries are sure to produce something to satisfy your cravings.

Some of the Burgers offered at D. Wade Burgers (Courtesy of Combo Kitchen)

D. Wade Burgers

Burger prices range from $8.99 – $10.49

Launched in 2021, D. Wade Burgers features a collection of five hand-crafted hamburgers originating from NBA athlete Dwayne Wade’s kitchen. Each burger was created in collaboration with his longtime friend and personal chef, Richard Ingraham. The burgers pay homage to his hometown cities (Miami burger featuring bacon and a mayomust sauce by Heinz, Chicago Burger featuring pickle relish and caramelized onions  and Los Angeles burger featuring avocado and chipotle aioli), as well as a classic and impossible option. The burgers combine love for basketball and great food to create an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. This restaurant is a slam dunk for burger lovers and sports enthusiasts alike.

Wings and sides (Courtesy of Timmy Alvarez)

Another Wing By DJ Khaled

Wing prices range from $9.95 for 6 wings to 20 wings for $20.95

Launched in 2021, Another Wing By DJ Khaled offers bone-in and boneless wings in eight flavors, as well as tenders and variations of fries and onion rings. The menu options are named after his signature sayings such as the All I Do is Wing Combo, Never Stop Winging Combo, and the Don’t Play Your Self Chocolate Chip Cookies. It combines his passion for great music and good food. From the flavorful wings to the tasty sides and desserts, this kitchen offers an unforgettable fusion of Miami culture and delicious flavors.

Cheesesteaks and Fries (Courtesy of Pardon My Cheesesteak)

Pardon My Cheesesteak

Cheesesteaks range from $10.99 – $18.99

Launched in 2022, Pardon My Cheesesteak was created in collaboration with Barstool Sports Pardon My Take podcast which is one of the top sports podcasts in the country. The podcast’s hosts, Big Cat & PFT Commenter, often professed their love of cheesesteaks and set out to mainstream a ghost kitchen specializing in the popular sandwich. PMC offers a relatively simple menu of chicken and steak cheesesteaks sandwiches with a variety of sauces such as chipotle and  buffalo. Their sides include fries loaded with cheddar cheese sauce, steak and caramelized onions, and offers brownie bites as the savory dessert. Whether you’re a fan of classic cheesesteaks or prefer unique flavor combinations, this restaurant will satisfy all your cravings. So, pardon your hunger and indulge in the savory delights of Pardon My Cheesesteak!

Tomato Soup (Courtesy of Food on Demand)

Grilled Cheese Society 

Prices range from $9.00 – $14.00

Founded in 2017, Grilled Cheese Society delivers a delicious, modern take on your favorite ooey-gooey, stretchy, toasty, grilled-cheesy comfort food. This kitchen has all the crispy bread, gooey cheese, and flavorful fillings you could want in a grilled cheese sandwich such as roasted turkey, eggs, chorizo, and hamburger. Sides include soups, fries, mac & cheese, and fried mac & cheese bites, as well as sweet cookie desserts. It is a paradise for cheese enthusiasts, offering a menu that celebrates the art of grilled cheese sandwiches. With a range of flavor profiles, from classic and comforting to gourmet and adventurous, this restaurant satisfies cravings and takes grilled cheese to new heights.

Hot Dog Style Potato (Courtesy of Hot Potato)

Hot Potato

Prices range from $10.35 – $13.80

With a menu dedicated to this versatile and beloved ingredient, Hot Potato serves up a variety of creative and mouthwatering potato-based dishes that will delight both potato enthusiasts. This restaurant offers baked potatoes with a variety of premium toppings such as chili, mac & cheese, chorizo, brisket, chicken, and guacamole. Sides include fries topped with cheese, chili, beef, or parmesan, truffle chips, and sweet potato fries. Hot Potato is a haven for potato lovers, offering a menu filled with delectable potato-based dishes that celebrate the versatility and deliciousness of this humble ingredient. Whether you’re craving crispy fries, or comforting loaded potatoes, it has something to satisfy every potato craving.

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