A Smorgasburg opens in Wynwood (includes video story)

A traveling group of tastemakers has brought an appetizing concept to Miami. 

In Wynwood, Miami’s famous art district, local food vendors from everywhere gather for Smorgasburg Miami, which opened this past Saturday, March 12.  

It’s a weekly event for people with strong appetites for foods and sweets that aren’t found just anywhere. 

“We knew we were up against some heavy hitters down here,” said Angie JeanPierre, co-owner of AJ’s Sinna Buns. JeanPierre and her husband, Aaron, sell cinnamon buns with various toppings and a pop-culture spin. They have names like Bunye West, Gloria Estebun, and Action Bunson.

Other vendors sell everything from pizza to vegan burgers to ice cream churros. They not only provide mouthwatering experiences but stories behind their creation.

“All the women in my family are cooks, so I grew up around a home-cooked meal five-six nights out of the week,” says Larry Galber, owner of PizzElla and first-generation American who named his pizza food truck after his Ukrainian-born mother.

The Smorgasburg outdoor food market idea was born back in 2011 in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Five years later, a second outpost opened in Los Angeles, which eventually attracted 70,000 customers every weekend.  

Miami is now the third city in the nation to adopt the concept of small business owners offering culinary creativity.

“We’ll be out here every Saturday throwing out our delicious buns,” says Angie Jean-Pierre.

The entrance is free of charge. It is located right across Miami’s Wynwood Walls on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sergio Tamarit is a broadcast journalism major at Florida International University. He is interested in a little bit of everything and likes to cover a range of topics hitting the South Florida radius.