Alex Jones has to pay nearly $1 billion to Sandy Hook families (includes video story)

Yesterday, a historical verdict was decided for ‘Infowars’ host Alex Jones, who alleged the Sandy Hook school shooting to be a hoax. Jones has to pay at least $965 million in damages to numerous families.

After nearly a decade of suffering for victims’ family members, the Connecticut jury of 6 came to a verdict. Victims shared painful testimonies about the in-person and online harassment they have faced because of Jones.

“For years I have been dealing with this. Everybody was online or everybody in the comfort of their studio in some other state and I never had a chance to tell anybody how I felt or what I thought,” said Robbie Parker, a parents from Sandy Hook. “I am paraphrasing at this point, but just like ‘how dare you? You are talking about my daughter. She was killed. Who do you think you are?’”

During the four weeks of testimony, Jones only attended once, on Sept. 22, and had a heated exchange with the plaintiff’s attorney. The defense team for the Jones opted out of cross examination and Jones never took the stand again during the trial.

Jones was not in court for the verdict and added that he does not have the money to pay the plaintiffs because his company is bankrupt.

Katherine Miranda is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism with a music business certificate and dance minor. After graduation she hopes to land a job at a radio station as an art and entertainment journalist.