Best boba tea spots in South Florida

Boba tea has been around for nearly four decades, and its popularity in both America and Asia continues to skyrocket. 
Originating in Taiwan in the 1980s, boba tea consists of tea mixed with milk. What sets it apart from other drinks are the tapioca pearls that line the bottom of the cup. Its popularity has many local restaurants serving the drink, but listed below are five businesses that are a cut above the rest.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hours and prices are always subject to change. Takeout may be available in some locations.

Vanilla bean boba tea with strawberry boba from Joy Choose (Steven Soler/SFMN)

Joy Choose
18425 Miramar Parkway 
Most chain restaurants suppress the flavor of the actual teas themselves by overpowering it with sugar. At Joy Choose, the vanilla bean flavor provides a subtle amount of sweetness, but the actual earthiness from the actual tea itself is still present. The shop also offers almond milk as a substitute for dairy products. With their wide array of boba and pearl flavors, the prices for the beverages are inexpensive and come in two sizes: a large cup is $5.65 while their small cup is $5.25. 

Taro boba tea with black tapioca pearls from 107 Taste (Steven Soler/SFMN)

107 Taste
6705 Main St. 
Miami Lakes
Nestled in a strip of restaurants at Miami Lakes’ Main Street, 107 Taste serves small portions, but the flavors are larger than life. The boba’s flavor is strong, but does not overpower the taste of the tea itself. The tapioca pearls provide a neutral flavor to cut the sugary taste of the drink. The boba tea is priced at $4.75 and only comes in one size.

Honeydew boba tea with black tapioca pearls and a cookie from AraVita (Steven Soler/SFMN)

18400 NW 75th Place #134
Most boba places try to reach balance between sweet and earthy, but Aravita tries to do the opposite. Their boba tends to be on the sweeter side, to the point that the tea flavor is almost lost. The flavor will appeal to anyone with a sweet tooth or to anyone who may want to try boba tea for the first time. The prices for the drinks start at $5.19 for their 16 ounce cup, $6.19 for 24 ounce cup, and $8.19 for 32 ounce cup. The inclusion of boba can add 50 to 80 cents depending on the flavor.

Strawberry boba tea with strawberry pearls from Snow Kool Ice Cream & Bubble Tea (Steven Soler/SFMN)

Snow Kool Ice Cream & Bubble Tea
10735 NW 58th St.
Boba tea tends to either be too sweet or too bitter, but Snow Kool’s boba has a perfect balance between both. Their strawberry boba tea has the faintest hint of earthiness, but the subtleness prevents it from being too sweet. The pearls, no matter the flavor, also lack sugariness, and complement the beverage’s already solid taste. Their drinks come in one size and are priced at $5.68.

Taro boba tea with black tapioca pearls from Litchi Snow Ice (Steven Soler/SFMN)

Litchi Snow Ice
15721 Pines Blvd.
Pembroke Pines
Litchi Snow Ice’s boba tea is smooth, sweet, but not slushy like at other locations. Their taro flavor is strong, but doesn’t overwhelm the earthy flavors at play. The tapioca absorbs most of the sweetness in the drink, and chewing them just releases a mild, but enjoyable burst of flavor. The boba tea is priced at $4.95 with two toppings.

Steven Soler is a native to Miami who enjoys reading, writing, gaming and music. They are a student at Florida International University and plan on becoming an editor for the Miami Herald.