Biden pleads with Congress to grant more aid to Ukraine (includes video story)

While Ukraine is running low on weapons and ammunition to defend itself against Russia’s attacks, Congress struggles to make a decision to pass an aid package. 

President Biden is encouraging the House to help Ukraine and pass the foreign aid bill that the Senate approved last week. It would give Ukraine $60 billion in aid.

“The idea that now they are running out of ammunition and we walk away – I find it absurd. I find it unethical,” said Biden.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and House Republicans see flaws in the package, with concerns about migrants entering the country.

“The number one national security issue facing America today is our insecure, unsafe and wide open Southern border,” said South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott.

Sophia Bolivar is a senior at FIU majoring in digital journalism and focusing her studies on criminal justice. Sharing a love for both writing and photography has led her to pursue a career in journalism.