Bill for border security and war assistance faces a divisive House (includes video story)

Bipartisan legislation proposed by Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford might not progress after heated discourse in the House of Representatives.

The bill would make extreme changes to the immigration system, toughen up security at the southern border, and grant financial support to foreign allies.

The $118 billion package deal would allot $60 billion to Ukraine, $14.1 billion to Israel, $20 billion to border security, $10 billion to humanitarian aid, and $4.83 billion to Indo-Pacific nations.

Former President Donald Trump is pushing other Republicans to turn down the bill. He believes it would be a gift to Democrats and would absolve them of “the horrible job” they have “done on immigration and the border.”

The Democratic Party finds itself divided, with some voicing their thoughts against the legislation and others advocating for it.

“We have to persist because this legislation is too important,” said Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Sophia Bolivar is a senior at FIU majoring in digital journalism and focusing her studies on criminal justice. Sharing a love for both writing and photography has led her to pursue a career in journalism.