Cat rescued at Hurricanes game by patriotic fans (includes video story)

University of Miami fans Craig and Kim Cromer brought a U.S. flag to the Hurricanes -Appalachian State football game at Hard Rock Stadium this past weekend. During the game, the Cromers noticed security guards seeming to be searching for a misplaced cell phone.

“To tell you truth, at that time, that was the first thing that happened; was somebody’s cell phone fell down onto the ramp below us,” stated Craig. “Security got up and they were looking at the phone to secure it, to give it back to the rightful owner and then they started pointing upward.”

Craig and Kim looked up, and nearly 50 feet above them they spotted the tail of a cat. The feline seemed to be hanging under the bleachers in the upper deck. That’s when the Cromers decided to use their U.S. flag, which they bring to every game, for a rescue.

“We could see the tail of a cat that was in between the fabric and concrete. My wife, she always brings the flag to the football games. And she secures the flag in front of us each game,” Craig shared.

When the cat fell while trying to climb back up, the couple caught it and swaddled it in the flag.


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