Concerns grow over monkeypox (includes video story)

Monkeypox cases continue to surge around the globe and especially in the United States. Now the White House says it has vaccination plans underway to counter increasing case numbers.

CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner says, “Ten years ago, the United States had twenty-million doses of this vaccine frozen in the national stockpile. We allowed them to expire.”

According to the White House, about 1.8 million vaccine doses became available yesterday and an agreement for over five million more vials is already in place. Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, which was first to receive extra doses, administered them at the Charlotte Pride Festival this past weekend.

The disease has infected college students and even a minor in New York. Although parents are being advised not to worry about exposure in classrooms, both students and parents remain alarmed. George Washington University student Alejandra Ramirez comments, “Monkeypox is very visible…this sort of looks very serious and scary.”

Kenya Cardonne is a senior at Florida International University majoring in Digital Communications + Multimedia Production with a Minor in Art. She enjoys producing all forms of art including film and photography while aspiring to grow in the T.V. industry.