COVID-inspired attacks and discrimination against Asian-Americans continue (includes video story)

In the past year, discrimination against Asian-Americans has been at an all-time high. 

There have been aggressive attacks. A week ago, 47-year old New Yorker Patrick Mateo assaulted 52-year-old Lee-Lee Chin-Yeung as she was walking. Many outraged people including actress Olivia Munn and other Asian socialites urged their followers on social media to find the attacher. 

Mateo was arrested and is now in jail, charged with assault and harassment. 

This week many Asian socialites like Awkafina and Daniel Dae Kim are speaking out against these barbaric attacks on the Asian community.

 In Orange County, California, Hai Jun Si’s family home has been constantly attacked by teens throwing rocks and leaving pornographic photos on the doorstep. B=Nieghbiors g=have organized to protect the place.

These hate crimes result from unproven or false claims that the coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab and have been augmented by insulting words by former President Donald Trump, who called the Coronavirus “Kung flu.”

Taknighis Beauvoir currently is pursuing a Mass Communications degree in Broadcast Journalism. She aspires to inform the general public about important topics around South Florida.