Dog that went missing eight years ago finds his way back home (includes video story)

A dog owner from Fort Myers lost her pit bull, Harley, back in February of 2014 when she took Harley out to pee and he ran off into the forest. 

Betsy DeHann looked for Harley everywhere for months, putting up posters and calling animal shelters to see if anyone had seen her pet. She never got anywhere in her search and was starting to accept the fact that she may never see Harley again.

Eight years later, she received a text message that gave her hope again. 

Angie Bray and her friend found a dog that looked like Harley, skinny to the bone with overgrown nails. They took the dog to the Cypress Lake Animal Hospital, where they found DeHann’s number on his collar. 

They sent a text message to DeHann, who was in shock when she read it. DeHann was in Missouri at the time but she didn’t let that get in the way of a reunion between her and Harley. She immediately drove over 1,000 miles to reunite with her long-lost companion. 

“I just want to tell him I’m so sorry that I didn’t find him,” says DaHann.

Samantha Gutierrez is a student journalist majoring in Digital Communication and Media. As a bilingual reporter, she enjoys covering stories about her diverse Miami community. With a strong passion for broadcasting, she aspires to pursue a career as a multimedia journalist in South Florida.