Everglades conservation pivotal for Florida’s future (includes video story)

Driven by science, the Everglades Foundation was co-founded in 1993 by environmental activist George Barley and philanthropist Paul Tudor Jones II to restore and protect the river of grass.

 The non-profit organization’s work is based on three pillars; science, advocacy and education. 

It aims to advance the understanding of the Everglades physically, chemically, and biologically. Its members advocate a strategic approach to influence government decision-making and build consensus among stakeholders. Lastly the Everglades Foundation offers literacy programs at schools to encourage the next generation of conservationists.

“The (main) goal is to restore, as much as possible, the historic flow of water,” said Begoñe Cazalis, the director of communications at the Everglades Foundation. “The future of South Florida depends on Everglades restoration.”

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