Extreme weather is wreaking havoc across the U.S. (includes video story)

Intense weather across South and Central United States is causing scorching conditions that could spread across several states into the July 4th week.

On Tuesday, various advisories and warnings were issued for more than 55 million people from south Arizona to the Florida panhandle. Conditions are considered to be extreme in several regions. Concerns in Texas are rising after two people died from the heat.

“This is an issue that should never be a problem in our line of work, ever,” said Marty Lancton, President of Houston’s Professional Fire Fighters Association.

Heat is not the only concern. Severe storms are causing delays at airports. Many air travelers have had postponements due to overnight storms and bad weather impacting the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. According to FlightAware, more than 4,200 delays and cancellations were reported in the United States on Tuesday.

“We had a delay today, so we got our schedule thrown off track,” said Jordan Chu, a delayed air traveler in Philadelphia. “But we’re just really excited to go on a trip.”

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