FIU study looks into gender pay gap in Miami-Dade County (includes video story)

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Men are often paid more than women for the same job. The topic of this gender wage gap has recently been the center of many crucial discussions.

Is there discrimination? Should policies change?

A soon-to-be-released Florida International University study notes that the wage gap in Miami-Dade County does not seem to be narrowing down anytime soon.

Dr. Maria Ilcheva, the assistant director of planning and operations at Florida International University’s Metropolitan Center, details this research in her annual “Status of Women” report. Her most recent work shows that the wage gap increased from 13% in 2021 to 18% in 2022 in terms of median earnings for full-time workers.

“Women are returning to the workforce,” explained Ilcheva. “But they’re not necessarily occupying high-paying jobs.”

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