Ilisa Rosal: A lifetime in flamenco

Ilisa Rosal, is a highly skilled and accomplished flamenco dancer, choreographer, artistic director, and founder of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa (BFLR), a leading international company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of flamenco as a constantly evolving art form.

Rosal grew up in an art-influenced household. In 1975-1980, Rosal studied Spanish Dance with Luisita Sevilla and Jose Molina. She earned her degree in theatre from the University of Miami, and studied Classical Ballet in New York with David Howard and Nanette Charisse.

In 1985, she founded Rosal Ballet Flamenco La Rosa. The company presents a unique blend of sophisticated theatre, traditional Flamenco and original choreography that offers an exceptional theatrical experience. This innovative approach enhances the relationship between Flamenco and other genres of dance and music such as Jazz, Tap, Blues, American Country Music, Middle Eastern, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Haitian, African, Sefardic, Indian Dance, and Celtic Music and Dance.  BFLR  examines their common characteristics and generates fresh dance expressions through experimentation.

Rosal and her Company have produced over 200 Flamenco works, including cross-cultural collaborations and full-length ballets.

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Gabriela Jelisse Fuentes Villafañe was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She moved to the United States when she was 12 years old. She is currently majoring in Broadcast Journalism, concentrating in Spanish. She hopes to be part of big Latino TV channels like Univision or Telemundo.