Flight cancellations and delays continue due to understaffed airports (includes video story)

Millions of air travelers in the United States continue to experience delays and cancellations after thousands of flights were canceled over Father’s Day weekend.

Delta Airlines, for instance, reported it will cancel about 100 flights daily this summer.

“We don’t have enough pilots and the company is scheduling more flights than they can fly,” shared Evan Baach, a Delta Airlines pilot and a spokesperson for the Airline Pilots Association union.

Some travel industry leaders say the federal government should help alleviate the problem by enforcing rules to limit the amount of flights airports can manage. They claim the biggest challenge is the lack of capacity at some airports.

“It requires government help because the biggest issue is there’s more flights scheduled in Newark, for example, than there is capacity at the airport,” said United Airlines CEO, Scott Kirby. “Air traffic control is understaffed… there are just more flights than the airport can handle.”

Vacation-goers and other travelers won’t find much relief from the roads either, as AAA predicts more 40 million people will hit the road over the 4th of July holiday weekend.

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