Florida college students protest state bills in Tallahassee (includes video story)

On Tuesday the Florida Student Power Network, a group of young people from across the state, marched on the capitol in Tallahassee to protest some of the bills that are currently being considered by Florida legislators

The agenda covered 21 proposed bills that addressed issues varying from education justice to climate change. The students advocated only for four of them.

Muah Dahn, a political organizer with the group, spoke at a press conference in front of the capitol about House Bill 465, which limits state aid to students who support “foreign terrorist organizations” such as Hamas. She said it limits the freedom of speech of certain students by making them ineligible for institutional grants and fee waivers and also requires reporting of their information to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“It’s a ban on student expression, in particular … a ban on students speaking in support of foreign issues,” she said. “It  classifies a lot of foreign groups that we support as terrorist organizations.”

David Lazcano Ventura is a journalism/digital broadcasting junior student at FIU with an Associates Degree in art. He loves theater, music, and communication arts as well as i guitar and piano. He is proficient in Italian and fluent in English and Spanish.