Florida’s anti-immigration law impacts economy and communities (includes video story)

Florida’s SB1718 anti-immigration law has raised concerns over its effects on immigrant families, businesses and the state’s job market.

Héctor Benítez, a South Floridian immigration lawyer, says people are acting out of fear due to the vagueness of the law and its terms and conditions.

Many individuals find themselves in a state of uncertainty as they seek legal assistance. Some Republicans are also expressing regret over their decision to sign this legislation.

“We have a video that shows the Republicans that voted for the anti-immigration law regretting their decision due to the economy’s negative effects,” said Thomas Kennedy, political director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition. “Now, with the damage they have done trying to divide and conquer, it has resulted in not only impacting people’s lives but also the economy of the state and the ability of business to be done.” 

Valeria Ulmos is a Junior at FIU majoring in broadcasting and communications. She hopes to pursue her career in having her own talk show in entertainment and is a women activist. She is a bilingual podcaster and likes covering entertainment and world trends.