Gen Z in DC and Miami are struggling to find affordable, safe housing (includes video story)

High rent prices in Washington, D.C. and Miami are causing Gen Z to have trouble finding an affordable place to live in a safe neighborhood.

Apartments in D.C. range anywhere from $2200 to $4200 per month. In Miami, the average rent for a two-bedroom is $2150.

Marleni Resendiz, a 21-year-old FIU student, has been trying to find an apartment for the past few months, but can only see it being possible for her with financial help from her parents.

“As someone who makes $12 an hour, it’s really difficult to live on your own,” she said. “I can only see it working out if you have someone helping out, like a partner or a parent.”

While this can also be seen in DC, the city is looking at converting empty office spaces into apartments that city officials say will help increase the number of affordable housing units.

Angela Rivas is a Miami native majoring in Journalism and minoring in Criminal Justice. She has a passion for writing and dreams of becoming a journalist telling stories about our world.