Group in South Miami creates a safe space for meditation

Mindful Meetup, a group that focuses on spreading positivity, had its kickoff last Friday at Tea & Poets in South Miami.

Rowena Mills, the organizer of Mindful Meetup and a certified emotional intelligence life coach, said she created this event because she wanted to have a space where mediums, readers and like- minded individuals can meet and have a casual conversation.

About 15 people were in attendance and the majority of attendees were young adults.

Mills said she mostly speaks to young teens because they need guidance. She noticed that the young teens who ask her for a reading are mostly from the LGBT community.

She added that the young teens often cry when she gives them readings because they cannot open up to their parents.

“They do not have anyone they can talk and connect to,” said Mills.

She said there are positive effects to meditation and she recommends writing in a journal.

Attendees said they meditate for different reasons. Some meditate to find a solution to a problem and others meditate for emotional reasons.

“Meditation is good for inner peace,” said Runar Johnson, an attendee.

A few attendees said they experience an astral projection when meditating, which is an out-of-body experience.

Tarot cards were passed around and readers explained what each card meant to each person.

“Tarot readings are a form of therapy,” said Rebeca Pupo, a medium who said she communicates with spirits.

Johnson received a reading about an event from a close friend, but said his reading did not connect to him. Mills explained that this event will happen within three to seven weeks, which left people who attended with anticipation for his future.

A natal blueprint was also discussed. That’s the destiny given to each person based on the date and time of birth.

It was used to describe the reason that people who are on the same journey have different outcomes. For example, two people may have the same career, but one person gets promoted and the other one does not.

“This event is very interesting because I did not know that there is a spiritual energy aside from a terrestrial energy,” said Olga Paez, an attendee.

Paez added that this event helped her understand that there is a purpose in this life and that nothing is perfect.