A teenager’s act of love (includes video story)

Sixteen-year-old Helen Aleman discovered crocheting while aimlessly scrolling on TikTok. Now, it is a way she communicates her love and copes with growing pains.

Her first handmade gift to her sister, a white tote bag, ignited the flame to continue creating.

“I started making it behind my sister’s back, obviously, it wasn’t perfect, but it was fun,” said Aleman.

 To her surprise, the process of crocheting was equally as rewarding as the finished product. The craft brought a sense of calm and accomplishment that she felt was missing.

 “Sometimes I even put off sleeping,” she says. “I’m like, ‘Wait, I want to keep going.’” 

 Learning a new skill came with unique challenges as well. Whenever she would struggle to get it right, frustration would lead her to give up.

“Am I not smart enough to understand? ”Aleman says she thought. But then she reminded herself of the excitement crocheting gives her.

“I just pick it up, because if I never pick it up, then I’m just never going to finish it.”

Heidi is a junior at Florida International University majoring in Digital Communication and Media. She is interested in culture and aims to tell stories that speak to the human connection and experience. In the future, she hopes to work in the entertainment field, storytelling through visual art and music.