Latin filmmakers Samuel Tapia and Antonietta Baladi describe their craft (includes video)

Ever wonder how a film is made? 

Meet 24-year-old editor and aspiring Steadicam operator Samuel Tapia and 23-year-old set designer Antonietta Baladi.

Tapia frequently works on rap music videos along with film production and sound design company Miami Sound and Film. Recently the Chilean-American filmed Miami natives T-Bizzle “da Flow rippa” along with fellow rappers Dollarbill and Yungsta for a soon-to-be-released music video, “Coming Up.” Currently, he is attending Miami Dade College as a senior majoring in film. 

Baladi hails from a Nicaraguan and Venezuelan background. She creates the sets and gathers the props for production. A film she worked on, 2017’s Huracán, garnered an award at the Miami Film Festival and was later picked up by HBO. She has worked with “Love and Hip-Hop Miami” star Christopher Michael Harty, known by his stage name “Papii Rosë,” on many of his music videos such as, “Soul Fruit.” With a budget of less than $300, she was able to create a timeless picnic.

These filmmakers bring a unique viewpoint to film and want to express it in the Latin community.

“I want my home country to see my set,” says Baladi. “I want to bring honor to my family.”  

Behind the scenes shots of Samuel Tapia and Antonietta Baladi courtesy of Miami Sound and Film and Shamari Bryan.

Racquel Lewis is a Miami native who enjoys botany, comedy, theatre, and culinary arts. She is currently an assistant editor at Caplin News while also attending Florida International University as a Broadcast Media major. Her goals are to have her own show and to get an Emmy.