Local vintage shop combats fast fashion (includes video story)

Fast fashion is the quick, bulk production of garments made to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the industry.

It causes extensive damage to the planet and exploits workers, leading many to turn to sustainable fashion through second-hand clothing. Stores such as Peachtree Revival, a store in Miami’s Design District, advocate for unique vintage clothing that is up-cycled and sold to promote these second-hand finds.

Store owners Dani Klaric and Sara Fedz are on a mission to give hand-me-downs a new life and lessen textile waste. The fashion industry produces up to 100 billion garments every year, and as much as 92 million tons of that clothing ends up in landfills.

“Vintage things help the environment because there is so much stuff in the plant already,” said Greta Llobet, a fashion stylist at Peachtree Revival. “It is one of the first industries that is responsible for global contamination.”

Those who wish to make a difference have several options to combat fast fashion: repurpose old clothes, buy second-hand, shop sustainable brands, avoid fast fashion companies, and support small local businesses.

Rosaura Mendoza is a junior majoring in Digital Communication & Media with a track in Digital Journalism.

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