Domicile in Wynwood hosts Malicia Goth Night (includes video story)

Domicile, an event venue in Wynwood, hosted an industrial party called Malicia Goth Night this past Memorial Day weekend.

The event was a collaboration between the creators of other gothic underground parties, known as Kultura and Scandal.

Groups of like-minded partygoers with a distinct tastes in music and fashion gathered to dance and connect. They have a variety of perspectives on goth culture but the same distinct taste in music.

“I think being goth is a big part of counterculture and moving the mainstream,” said Michelle Fitzpatrick, a DJ at the event. “It means to embrace different parts of yourself that are hidden and are not supposed to be shown in the limelight.”

Goth culture was a large part of 1980s. Artists like the Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and The Smiths were mentioned as staples in the underground goth scene.

Malicia Goth Nights offer a safe haven for goths. To stay updated on future events, follow @maliciagothnights.


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