Miami gas prices are projected to decrease (includes video story)

Miami may hit among its lowest price on gas in the last two years. Prices are five cents higher than they were a year ago, which may indicate prices will drop in upcoming months. The average high last year was $4.92. 

“It has gone down a lot since last year since it was like five-something,” said Martha Mercado, a consumer. “Before to fill up was almost ninety dollars, and now it’s like 58 or 60 dollars, It’s a lot less.” 

According to GasBuddy’s fuel report, prices in 2023 could drop 50 cents per gallon from 2022’s historic highs.  

“I’m surprised that it’s not that high,” said Anibal Fernando, a consumer. “I don’t think it’s bad, I remember before the pandemic it was around the same price.”

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