Missouri Supreme Court is now female majority (includes video story)

Kelly Broniec has been appointed to the Missouri Supreme Court. This appointment is historic, as it tips the balance in favor of women, making Missouri one of just 11 states with a female-majority Supreme Court.

In her acceptance speech, Judge Broniec pledged to bring common sense, practicality and deep respect for the rule of law to her role, along with values like humility and hard work.

At 52 years old and from Montgomery City, Judge Broniec will fill the seat left by retiring Judge George W. Draper III.

Gov. Mike Parson’s third appointment to the Missouri Supreme Court will come soon. Judge Patricia Breckenridge is preparing to retire upon reaching the court’s mandatory retirement age of 70.

Judge Broniec’s appointment may shift the court’s ideology towards a more conservative stance, with only two judges appointed by a Democratic governor. Gov. Parson praised her hard work and expressed confidence in her service to the people of Missouri on the highest court.

Jalynne Medina is a New York native and college junior majoring in Digital Broadcasting and minoring in Spanish Language and Culture. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a career as a Bilingual Journalist to bridge the gap between the mainstream American media and the Latino community.