Non-alcoholic drinks are taking off (includes video story)

The Mocktail movement is in full swing as bars and restaurants embrace more non-alcoholic drinks into their menus. Clyde’s Alley Bar is just one example of how they are tackling this increasing trend among locals in Washington D.C. 

Kevin Maul, a bartender at Clyde’s, emphasized the sudden shift people are making in their drinking habits and overall health. 

“They’ve seen the negatives that alcohol can have and they want to have a cleaner life,” said Maul. “They’ll find different alternatives.” 

Many factors play a role in the “sober curious” movement that drives the mocktail craze. Younger generations are drinking less and people are becoming more health-conscious after the pandemic. Based on data from the Zero Proof company, Washington D.C. is embracing non-alcoholic drinks now more than ever.

Sabrina Beguiristain is a Florida International University student majoring in digital journalism. She is passionate about both visual and auditory media such as broadcasting and podcasts. In the near future, Sabrina hopes to produce creative forms of news to emphasize events and stories that should be shared.