Protestors march to Supreme Court for Roe v. Wade anniversary (includes video story)

The “Bigger than Roe” march in Washington, D.C. was only one of the 200 sister rallies across the nation Sunday afternoon, on the landmark case’s 50th year anniversary.

The SCOTUS overturn of Roe v. Wade last year encouraged many angered Americans to “take their fight to every state house and state legislator in this country,” according to the Women’s march website.

The protestors marched their way from Downtown D.C. to the White House and the Supreme Court, shouting and demanding reproductive rights and women’s freedom of choice to bodily autonomy. At some points along the march, the pro-abortion rights marchers clashed with anti-abortion demonstrators, who called them “murderers.”

“I get where they might be coming from, but as soon as that life is then birthed, they really don’t care if they get shot at school, they don’t care if it dies from cancer, they really don’t care,” said Scott Johnson, a political organizer and activist on Tiktok.

The marchers demand legislators to once again codify and protect abortion rights for Americans under constitutional law.

“We will fight year in and year out,” said protestor Nicky Sundt, who’s attended women’s marches since the 1970s. “We’ve been fighting for decades and we’ll keep going.”

Nicole Ardila is a digital broadcasting major at FIU, also pursuing a minor in psychology. She's reported for Caplin News from Washington, D.C. for an NBCU Academy Fellowship and directed the Opinion section for FIU’s student media, PantherNOW. In the future, she hopes to become a photojournalist and producer for documentaries/film to share important stories from across the world.