Sideline Season 2, Episode 2

Sideline returns with its second show of 2023. This week, the Marlins are back in the wild card race. Both the U and the Dolphins are undefeated. And Inter Miami is struggling to find its footing in the absence of Lionel Messi. 

The Fish again refused to sink when faced with adversity in the wild card race. They swept the best team in the league in dominant fashion. Sideline was at LoanDepot Park to see their 16-run explosion against the Atlanta Braves on Sunday.

In a battle of elite offense and smothering defense, the Dolphins outlasted the New England Patriots on Sunday en route to their second straight road win of the year. They are set to make their highly anticipated season debut in Hard Rock Stadium this Sunday against the Denver Broncos.  

It also turns out that Inter Miami misses Messi. The team lost on the road to Atlanta United on Saturday. But there was controversy.

The U followed up its war with Texas A&M by taking care of the Bethune Cookman Wildcats with ease. Sideline was on the field to witness the beatdown. 

Esteban Rodriguez,  Kenneth Bueno, Melody Huete,  Zeth Leon, Anthony Cruz, Jamie Nuñez, Tania Jimenez and Pablo Hernandez contributed to the reporting and filming of Sideline.

Kenneth Bueno is a junior majoring in the Digital Broadcasting field. He is a sim racing commentator for Podium eSports and aims to apply his love for sports into the sports broadcasting industry after graduating.

Alfredo Banegas is a junior at Florida International University majoring in digital journalism hoping to combine his passion of sports and writing to become a sports writer. Alfredo looks to make positive changes in the way sports are covered in today’s media landscape.

Anthony Cruz is a freshmen majoring in Digital Media and Communications. He hopes to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.

Tania Jimenez is a senior majoring in communication with a concentration in digital broadcasting. She is interested in sports. After graduation, she would like to continue her career journey in the world of sports media.

Pablo Hernandez was born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Florida. He has a huge love for sports and aspires to be a sports analyst on television in the future.

Zeth Leon is of Cuban descent. He is currently a Junior at FIU majoring in Digital Communications and Media with a concentration in digital broadcasting. After graduation, he plans to incorporate his love for sports into his work by becoming a play-by-play commentator or talk show host for a sports network.

Esteban Rodriguez is a sophomore majoring in TV/Broadcast media. He is a producer for Caplin News and FIU's Sports show, Sideline. He hopes to pursue this path of producing for Sports Networks and/or Hollywood in the Film Industry.