This acting school serves the Hispanic community (includes video story)

A mustachioed man dressed all in black stands before five pretty young women by  prison-like beds.

“You must be quiet, obedient, follow the instructions,” he says. “And take the medications at the indicated times or else.” 

Welcome to a haunting scene from the short film “The Chosen,” which premiered Dec. 2 and was shot at the University of Miami architecture building this past March. The film is just one of many productions from a Doral acting conservatory that back in 2006 started a wave of artistic magic that has in some ways transformed the local acting scene in South Florida: Sociedad Actoral Hispanoamericana.

Miguel Sahid, the SAH founder, never imagined that the humble performing arts conservatory he pioneered would become a springboard of success for aspiring actors in South Florida.

Back in 2006, Sahid opened its doors to a few actors who were looking for coaching. Now this conservatory has over 300 students and puts on scores of productions a year. 

SAH has former and current students on various TV and film networks such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Telemundo and more.

“SAH changed my life, it is my second home” mentioned long time student Douglas Olivio, who currently appears on cooking show “Abuela’s Kitchen” on Roku TV 

Also (hopefully) on the road to success is SAH alumna Laura Rosguer, who started dancing there when she was 15-years-old and then landed on the Disney show “4 Ever” and the Hallmark film “Sugar Plum Twist”. 

Now, working  as a musical theater choreographer and teacher, she says: “There’s just a liveness to them that first of all, humbles me and keeps me creative.”

Sahid explains: “I love watching my students’ confidence transform from zero to superstars on stage and screen…“Being an actor, coach and director [has given me] a full overview of what it really means to be an actor.

Having directed over 300 productions, Sahid’s has more experience than many others in Miami-Dade. To those aspiring to act, her offers this advice: “Believe in yourself and your dreams, because no one else will for you.”  

The Sociedad Actoral Hispanoamericano (SAH) is a bilingual performing arts studio for Hispanic children founded by Miguel Sahid in 2006.

The school currently teaches around 350 students, has produced dozens of shows, and has been the birthplace of many big-name artists.

SAH alumnae, Laura Rosguer landed huge success following her studies at SAH, starting there when she was 15 years old. Laura has now starred in the Disney show “4 Ever” and the Hallmark film “Sugar Plum Twist”.

Rosguer now works as a musical theatre choreographer and teacher for the studio.

“There’s just a liveness to them [the students] that humbles me and keeps me creative,” said Rosguer.

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