South Florida Access: from fashion to helping COVID-19 at-risk population

Welcome back to South Florida Access! Our first-ever at-home episode, hosted by Monica Lebro, takes you through South Florida in the age of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing.

SFA reporter Valeria Venturini talked to the founder of MODE Revolution, Cindy Hassan, about using social media to reach consumers, spread the message about sustainability and tell quarantine stories.

Orlando J. Addison, an Afro-Latino leader and founder of the Ernesto Gamboa Project and the Afro-Latino Excellence Summit, spoke with SFA reporter Paola Marcano-Bolívar about his work on increasing the representation of the Afro-Latino community as the Black Lives Matter movement continues to impact society.

Oncologist Dr. Raul Storey and Venezuelan fashion designer Katherine Cordero sat with SFA reporter Andrea V. Gonzalez to talk about giving back to the community, as well as working with Cordero on We Are Goddess Society to give cancer patients just another reason to smile.

To finish off, SFA features the non-profit organization Buddy System MIA, which delivers aid to those who need help when they’re sick. SFA reporter Yuselys Solis spoke to co-founders Kristen Guerin and Jessica Gutierrez. They started the non-profit after Guerin fell ill with COVID-19.

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Monica is working on her broadcast journalism bachelor's degree. She loves to write and is passionate about sports, the art of interviewing and strives to become an on-air sports talent. She produces digital content and is a social media manager.

Brea Jones, rising FIU senior, has experience writing, videography/photography, interviewing, using Adobe Software and currently works as  Promotion and Recruitment Director for FIU Student Media. She has worked with several publications and published over 30 articles; to see her profile click

Julissa Mederos is a junior majoring in Digital Communications + Media at FIU. Apart from being an executive producer for SFA, she is also the sound engineer and webmaster for The Roar, FIU’s student radio station. 

Cristina Feliciano is a broadcast media major at Florida International University. She is passionate about delivering the news and creating professional digital media content. She is experienced in field reporting on camera and editing news packages, but also loves to write.

Kevin Gonzalez is a broadcast media major at FIU. He is skilled in video editing and production, and his true passion is sports. He strives to create and host his own on-air sports show and podcast.

Taknighis Beauvoir currently is pursuing a Mass Communications degree in Broadcast Journalism. She aspires to inform the general public about important topics around South Florida.

Valeria Venturini, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, is a Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Social Media Marketing and E-Analytics. Bilingual in Spanish and English, she has a deep passion for storytelling and wants to provide a voice for others. Venturini dreams of working at a news station delivering stories to her community, interviewing citizens, celebrities and political figures.

Ana Soler is majoring in journalism with a translation & interpretation certificate at Florida International University. She has a passion for writing and reporting in both English and Spanish. She is a lover of linguistics, pop culture, entertainment, traveling and learning about people of all walks of life.

Andrea Gonzalez is a Venezuelan Broadcast Media student minoring in Social Media and E-Marketing. Since she can remember, she has always aspired to be in front of a television screen informing and entertaining people with news.

From Caracas, Venezuela Paola Marcano Bolívar is pursuing her degree in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications at FIU. She hopes to work for the entertainment and music industry, sharing impactful stories through different mediums. She loves to be creative, sing, dance and do graphic design.

Dave J. Fair, a Venezuelan-American, is a transfer student from the University of Colorado. He is currently pursuing a degree in digital communication and media with augmented reality at FIU. He is very passionate about nature, climate change and preserving our national parks. In his spare time he goes rock climbing and snorkeling, as well as creates videos on his adventures.