A South Florida beauty spa offered Black Friday deals for the first time

Le Luxe Beauty Bar is a beauty salon in Westchester that offers eyelashes, lash lifts, eyebrows, facials, teeth whitening and hair services.

“We are offering our Black Friday deal on Thanksgiving Day and on Black Friday,” said Sophia Smith, a 25-year-old hairdresser at salon. “We are doing 15% discounts on all services.”

The store was filled with women socializing and eating as they waited for their appointments to begin, and the store had upbeat music playing. Some women had already been shopping before coming in.

Most of the customers were preparing themselves for Thanksgiving dinner with their families and for Thanksgiving weekend festivities.

Smith said this is the busiest time of the year for the beauty parlor and all appointments were booked on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

According to the National Retail Federation an estimated 166.3 million people are planning to shop from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday this year.

Le Luxe was one of the very few salons were open on Thanksgiving Day.

Jhosey Ruiz, 22, a medical student from Maryland, was a first-time customer and wanted her eyebrows touched up before the holiday festivities began.

“I couldn’t find a place that was open on Thanksgiving Day,” Ruiz said. “I was expecting to pay more because it was such a last-minute thing. They helped me save money and I can use it for other Black Friday deals.”

Le Luxe normally doesn’t offer any specials or deals throughout the year. This was the first time the store offered a Black Friday deal.

Carolina Fontanella, 29, who opened the salon four years ago, wanted to attract new customers

“Usually, the Friday after Thanksgiving is very slow, so I wanted to encourage customers to come in that day,” Fontanella said. “Instead of having regular services done, I’m offering an experience. I’m offering complimentary breakfast and appetizers with champagne. That way my customers can indulge before the holiday season.”

Fontanella said she knew that there will Black Friday shoppers passing by the Plaza where Le Luxe is located.

“They can get pretty and shop all on the same day!” Fontanella said.

Marilin Cordero, 50, a manager for National Court Reporting, was getting a facial after going to Dolphin Mall on Black Friday.

“I went to the Nike outlet in Dolphin Mall and the line was ridiculous,” Cordero said. “I went to go buy my son a pair of new shoes to work out. I was able to get a pair, but it stressed me out because of the crowds of people. So, on my way home I decided to relax and get a facial”.

Le Luxe clients getting their eyelash treatment. (Omar J. Cabrera/SFMN)

Le Luxe clients getting their eyelash treatment. Courtesy of Omar J. Cabrera.

Carla Montano, 33, an interior designer and a regular client at Le Luxe was having her hair styled and her eyelashes touched up before Thanksgiving dinner.

“They don’t need to do a Black Friday deal,” said Montano who believes the salon promotes women and helps her feel empowered. “I come here all the time and I’m willing to pay full price because they have quality service here.”

Fontanella said she was happy she did.

“Women are always going to want to look their best even during the holidays,” Fontanella said. “I have returning clients that have been coming since I opened the spa. That’s why I never offered any Black Friday deals before but seeing how it brought business I might do this again next year.”

Omar J. Cabrera, 26, currently studying journalism at FIU. He has been collecting comic books at the age of 12 and is an aspiring reporter.