South Florida sports teams emerge with overwhelming success (includes video story)

Sports in South Florida have been on the rise this past week as all five local teams have found successes in their respective fields, pitches, courts and rinks.

The Miami Heat are in the NBA Finals as an eighth seed as they play against the Western Conference’s 1st seed, the Denver Nuggets. The Heat are currently down 3-1 in the series, but anything could change at any given moment — starting tonight, when the two teams face off in a fifth game.

The Florida Panthers are an eighth seed team in the Stanley Cup Finals versus the first seed for the western division, the Vegas Golden Knights. The Panthers are also down 3-1.

The Miami Marlins have shocked the MLB by winning eight of their last nine games. Star player Luis Arráez is dancing around a .400 average, meaning he is currently one of the best batters in the league.

The Miami Dolphins started their mini training camp and quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is looking in better shape than ever. Rumors have also circulated that Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings running back, might head to Miami. His addition would be monumental for the Dolphins’ backfield.

Inter Miami has obtained arguably the greatest addition of all time. World Cup champion, Lionel Messi has agreed to join the team, with residuals from Adidas and Apple TV as part of the deal. Messi will get the chance to partially own a team after his contract ends. 

It has never been better to be a South Florida sports fan than right now. South Florida is indeed rising.

Esteban Rodriguez is a sophomore majoring in TV/Broadcast media. He is a producer for Caplin News and FIU's Sports show, Sideline. He hopes to pursue this path of producing for Sports Networks and/or Hollywood in the Film Industry.


Kenneth Bueno is a junior majoring in the Digital Broadcasting field. He is a sim racing commentator for Podium eSports and aims to apply his love for sports into the sports broadcasting industry after graduating.