The best coffee spots in Miami

There is nothing quite like getting together with some friends, grabbing a cup of coffee at a shop and chatting.

Miami has an extensive selection of coffee shops, ranging from Starbucks to locally owned spots. Each shop has its own approach. Alex Sachs, a manager at Puroast Coffee on South Miami Avenue, said he thinks good coffee starts with getting quality beans. Whenever that craving kicks in, here are the best places to grab a cup of coffee in Miami.

A salted crème cold brew and cinnamon bun at Freehold. (Liam Rooney/SFMN)

Freehold Miami
2219 NW Second Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

Freehold Miami, the company’s first location outside of New York City, serves up coffee and food in a 10,000 square-foot facility. Along with a full menu and nightlife schedule of events and music, the café offers a wide collection of coffee and baked goods. Prices of some popular items include $3 for an espresso or $5 for a cold brew. The shop offers indoor and outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi.

“As far as quality of coffee, I’d say we are the best in the neighborhood,” said Ryan Elias, the manager of the Wynwood location. “We offer an elevated experience that you wouldn’t get in a normal coffee shop.” 

Described as a hotel without rooms by Elias, Freehold also has a poolside bar and lounge area.

A cold brew with vanilla sweetener. (Liam Rooney/SFMN)

Panther Coffee
Various Locations

With locations throughout Miami and Miami Beach, Panther Coffee boasts a wide range of coffees and bakery items. Both the cold brew and standard roast coffees are $5, while espressos go for $3. The Wynwood location provides outdoor seating. Groups of people seated and sipping on coffee can be seen throughout the day and evening. Anthony Delvecchio, a regular at the Wynwood location, suggests getting the cappuccino.

A black Puroast Ice Coffee. (Liam Rooney/SFMN)

Puroast Coffee
632 S Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33130

Located right next to the Brickell City Center, Puroast coffee offers a rustic vibe with its wood panel décor and plants throughout. It has a selection of indoor and outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi. The shop offers a selection of different coffees, teas and food. A standard cup of coffee is priced at $2.75, and an ice coffee costs $4.25.

“Getting a coffee here is like getting a coffee served to you on a coffee farm by a coffee farmer,” said Manager Alex Sachs.

A cold brew with whole milk. (Liam Rooney/SFMN)

Eternity Coffee Roasters
117 SE Second Ave.
Miami, FL 33131

Located in the heart of downtown Miami, Eternity Coffee Roasters roasts their own coffee. Roast Master Cloud Perez said she believes the perfect coffee is one that fully develops the flavor profile of the beans. Coffee prices range from $3 to $6, with a selection of different drinks including lattes, cappuccinos and many more. The shop offers outdoor seating.

An iced americano with a splash of oat milk and a chocolate banana nut muffin. (Liam Rooney/SFMN)

True Baristas
1300 Brickell Ave.
Miami, FL 33131

True Baristas in Brickell serves up a wide selection of drinks and bakery goods from a food truck. The shop provides a row of tables for customers to come and sit and enjoy their coffee while taking in the sights of Brickell. With plenty of options both hot or iced, prices range from $3.25 to $6.25. True Baristas regular Erica Fernández suggests trying the iced americano with a splash of oat milk. Do not expect to start your week with True Baristas however, as they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Liam Rooney is a junior majoring in digital journalism and a staff writer for PantherNOW’s sports section. Liam would like to continue his career journey in the world of sports media after he graduates.