The five best tea places in Miami

Miami’s fast-paced environment doesn’t typically call for the high-tea experience. Finger sandwiches, scones and tiny teacups aren’t everyone’s style. But when a pick-me-up is needed, and coffee’s caffeine causes the jitters, a cup of tea does the trick. Fast service, quality tea and a welcoming environment can set the tone for the day, whether the aim is to awaken one’s senses in the morning or boost energy after lunch. Miami has a couple of places that conveniently offer a wide range of tasty teas accompanied by warm hospitality that matches South Florida’s weather.

Skip the dressy clothes and fancy tearooms and continue reading for the five best tea places in Miami.

Small Miu’s milk tea with boba, $5 plus tax. (Jolene Gonzalez/Caplin News)

Miu’s Tea
1520 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach
(786) 216-7028

Price range: $4 to $6 plus tax

Fighting the Miami Beach heat? Stay refreshed and hydrated with a cold tea at Miu’s. Take a seat in this modern setting surrounded by wood and greenery. Miu’s Tea has a selection of brewed milk teas, iced tea lattes and fresh fruit teas. Its most popular beverage is Miu’s milk tea, which consists of half-and-half, whole milk and freshly brewed chai tea. Looking for dairy alternatives? There are dairy-free beverages as well. What makes Miu’s Tea stand out is its packaging. The employees handcraft the customer’s tea and close it with an airtight seal that can be peeled off or pierced with a straw. Miu’s Tea also offers bottled beverages for those in a hurry.

Small H04 pineappleapple, $4 plus tax. (Jolene Gonzalez/Caplin News)

Small Tea
205 Aragon Ave.
Coral Gables
(786) 401-7189

Price range: $4.28 (mini tea-pot) to $8.56 (French press large tea-pot)

Looking for a cozy hangout spot in historic Coral Gables? Look no further: Small Tea is a chic spot that offers over 80 varieties of tea. It allows customers to become acquainted with different aromas at the scent station before selecting. It’s an inviting, dimly-lit setting that is perfect to relax or complete work with free Wi-Fi. What makes this place special is that Small Tea roasts its own teas in-house and also helps customers do it at home. The herbal teas cost $4 plus tax. If you’re seeking a refreshing drink that isn’t brewed tea, consider trying the iced matcha latte, which solely contains matcha green tea with ice and your milk of choice ($5 plus tax).

Berry beautiful tea, $5.40 plus tax. (Jolene Gonzalez/Caplin News)

Tea & Poets
5701 Sunset Drive #126
South Miami
(786) 216-7201

Price range: $2.75 to $6.50 plus tax

Located in Sunset Place, Tea & Poets offers an experience like no other with an open mic stage for musicians and poets to set the tone. Different than most tea places in Miami, Tea & Poets has its own little indoor market, selling items such as jewelry, clothing and handcrafted soaps. The best part: the reasonably priced teas! On Tuesdays, any small specialty tea is only $3 and an assortment of teas are offered starting at $2.75 every other day. One of its best-known beverages is the berry beautiful tea, which consists of green tea, lemon juice, red berry and white cane sugar ($5.40 plus tax).

Matcha bombon, $5.50 plus tax. (Jolene Gonzalez/Caplin News)

Yoko Matcha
2211 NW 2nd Ave.
(786) 664-8097

Price range: $5 to $10 plus tax

If matcha is your preference, Yoko Matcha is the place for you! Situated in the heart of Miami’s Arts District, Yoko Matcha is a tea bar with a pink floral backdrop and neon sign that screams “Loca For Matcha!” This fitting background blends in with Wynwood’s style. It is located inside of Dasher & Crank, a trendy ice cream parlor that offers unique, exclusive flavors. Yoko Matcha and Dasher & Crank collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind float that consists of matcha blended with milk, topped with matcha ice cream and Lucky Charms ($8 plus tax). Despite the decadent selection of specialty teas, its matcha bombon is the most popular drink. It consists of matcha, condensed milk and water, which create a thick blend of sweet, earthy flavors ($5.50 plus tax).

Passion fruit green tea with boba, $4.79 plus tax. (Jolene Gonzalez/Caplin News)

Ohla Tea
329 NE 167th St.
North Miami Beach
(305) 918-9881

Price range: $4.79 to $5.49 plus tax

Though it’s located on one of North Miami Beach’s busiest streets, Ohla Tea is a serene spot that specializes in tasty boba tea. When you walk in, the sweet smell of freshly made egg waffles fills the air (since bubble waffles with ice cream are served daily). Ohla Tea offers an array of milk-based boba teas, but customers can opt for water-based options that are fruity or aromatic. If boba tea doesn’t cut it, other options include custard pudding for a thicker, sweet consistency or lychee jelly for a lighter, fruitier flavor. Ohla Tea’s most popular drink is the passion fruit green tea with boba ($4.79 plus tax).

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