The “Friends” experience is coming to an end this month (includes video story)

After five months of entertaining thousands of visitors, the “Friends” experience in Aventura Mall, will close March 24. Fans are disappointed to see it go, but this hasn’t affected the love and appreciation of the show.

People connect with Ross, Rachel and the gang from the famous TV series during a 30-45 minute tour of the iconic sets, from the Central Perk Cafe to where it all ended, “Monica and Rachel’s apartment”. 

“Friends” fanatics all have their favorite pieces of the exhhibit.

“Monica’s apartment door, [you] cannot leave here without seeing it, without taking a picture in it,” said fan Edwin Lebron. “The purple door is the most important thing in this whole experience.”

There is also a memorial for Matthew Perry, the actor from the series who died tragically last year. 

The experience is not the only thing you get to take home. At the end of each tour visitors have the chance to purchase a souvenir. 

The doors are open Wednesday through Sunday for the public and you can purchase tickets here.

Ivanna Hilewsky is a junior at Florida International University who is pursuing a degree in digital communications and media with a track in broadcasting. She is passionate about broadcast journalism, acting and learning more about the legal system.