Ultra-goers dressed for the occasion (includes video story)

Ultra Music Festival came back to Miami for the 24th time this past weekend. Weather conditions were not welcoming, but that didn’t stop music fans from going all out for the E.D.M. festival.

Creativity and imagination were at peak level in the costumes. The most recurrent themes this year were outer space and fairy tales. Anime characters and even George Washington roamed  the festival. 

Silas Wieczorek, who is originally from Poland, walked down the street near the festival dressed in the 1700’s fashion resembling the nation’s first president.

“I really wanted to go for the 1776 look,” he said. “I had to get the full outfit and the flag of course, I think that everyone should feel their own thing.”

David Lazcano Ventura is a journalism/digital broadcasting junior student at FIU with an Associates Degree in art. He loves theater, music, and communication arts as well as i guitar and piano. He is proficient in Italian and fluent in English and Spanish.