Uvalde community rallies in DC after video from inside Robb Elementary School shooting causes outrage (includes video story)

A group of mothers and community members from Uvalde, Texas and Highland Park, Illinois organized a peaceful rally, which they call March Fourth, on Capitol Hill Wednesday. One day earlier, a surveillance video from inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde was leaked to the public. The footage shows what really happened during the mass shooting, but the parents are adamant that they should have been able to see it first.

In the video, the shooter is seen moments before entering the school. An edit made to the footage leaves out a child’s scream upon seeing the shooter with a semiautomatic rifle inside his school. Minutes later, responding officers retreat and take cover from gunfire, and even though more heavily armed officers arrive, they still wait to act. Officers waited more than 70 minutes before confronting the shooter. 

Kimberly Rubio’s daughter was killed in Uvalde; she had questions based on the video she saw.  

“What if I had taken her home with me after the awards ceremony? What if the door had locked properly? What if the police had immediately engaged the subject?” she said.

Several weeks ago, Congress passed gun legislation on gun control, but activists say it is not enough. 

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