“Weird Beers and Beyond” podcast shines light on the fascinating world of alternative brews

“Weird Beers and Beyond” is a podcast that takes a look at a variety of brews and the communities behind them. Most episodes feature a beer sampling-segment, and a reading of “BeerAdvocate” comments about the drink in question. The podcast attempts to highlight drinks that most would consider unusual or unique. A secondary goal is to put emphasis on quirky suds enjoyers.

The episode “120 Minute IPA” is a student collaboration episode between podcast host Mateo Goicochea and beverage management major Alexis Gonzales. Alexis works at the Dogfish Head Brewery. His guest appearance on the podcast provides the episode with an educated perspective on craft beer, as well as a hands-on take. The students collaborated to review the pristine 120-minute IPA, an aged beer that is considered to be “The Holy Grail for Hopheads.”

“The Punkin’ Ale” is the first beer reviewed at “Weird Beers and Beyond.” It is a fall seasonal beer made from… you guessed it!… Pumpkin. This beer certainly fills the weirdness quota, but it also happens to be delicious and award-winning.

In episode 5, our host takes us on a journey to the “r/beer” thread on reddit.com. The result is interesting, hilarious, and of course, weird!

Mateo is a Digital Communications major with a focus on Television Production. He wishes to channel the skills he learns as a student at FIU into a career in production and Voice-Over.