As Joe Biden creeps toward win, Miami Lakes voters talk turnout (includes video story)

Update: Joe Biden was declared President-elect on Saturday

Polls have officially closed across the country and many projections have been made. Voters in Miami-Dade County voiced their stands on election day. Resident Alex Suarez said this about voter turnout:

“I saw a tremendous number of people [with] motivation come out and vote during the early stages of voting and that has just gone away,” stated Alex Suarez. Miami-Dade County had little to no wait time this Tuesday. This meant that residents chose to cast their votes a bit differently this time around — mail-in and early voting.

He added this about President Trump’s handling of the pandemic:

“Over 220,000 Americans have died under Mr. Trump’s watch. There were Democrats, Republicans, young children — there were older people. It shouldn’t have been that much. A true leader would put the union together and would find a solution,” expressed Suarez.

Lisette Perez also shared what her mom, a Miami-Dade Republican party member, witnessed this election. “My mom says that the amount of people that she has seen vote early this year has been unprecedented,” she said.

Perez voiced her stand throughout early voting and shared the reasoning behind her political party. Although she dislikes Donald Trump’s Twitter platform, she favors his ideas.

“It’s not whether I like Trump or not, whether I like his tweets or not,” she said. “For me, it’s about policy.”

Trump took Florida, but the numbers are starting to go in the Democrats’ favor. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada are all leaning toward Biden, but the decision still hangs in the balance as ballots continue to be counted.

Zitlali Solache is a student in Florida International University, pursuing her Masters degree in Spanish-Language Broadcast Journalism. Zitlali Solache is Mexican American and has a passion for storytelling and news. She has interned for WPBT PBS, WSVN Channel 7 and STEP Univision. After graduation, Zitlali aspires to become a reporter/anchor in her hometown Miami, FL.

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