Berry Farms celebrates third annual Harvest Festival (includes video story)

The Berry Farm presents its third annual Harvest Festival right on time to celebrate the Fall season with loved ones. This event is full of family bonding, fun activities and mouthwatering treats. This year’s Harvest Festival has new surprises starting Sept. 23 to Nov. 13.

“This year’s Harvest Festival is bigger and better than last year,” Erika Martinez-Alonso, director of communication and event management, said. “We have bands that are coming in October that we are extremely excited about and just lots to offer the community.”

The Harvest Festival offers an escape from the city into the countryside.

“This actually has an authentic feel to it,” said customer Parhan Fafeekhari. “You feel you’re in the South while you’re living in the big city.”

To find our more on how to join all the fun, visit Harvest Festival.

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