The top five places for flan near FIU

If there is any dessert that describes Miami, it’s flan.

The creamy custard with a caramel top has become signature sur de Florida. It is on the menu in most Hispanic restaurants. Now that fall is picking up, Miamians should know where the nearest and best flans are for a quick and dulce dessert.

Here are a few of our favorite flans around Florida International University. 

Vanilla flan casero from Sabores Chilenos Restaurant (Maria Raymondi/SFMN)

Sabores Chilenos 

10760 W. Flagler St.
Miami, FL 33174

Being cut into traditional triangular portions and drowning in a pool of syrup, the flan at Sabores Chilenos restaurant is a taste of home to many, not just Chileans. It has a Jello-like, yet firm consistency. However, the powerful taste of vanilla distinguishes this flan from the others. The festive restaurant is filled with Chilean flags dangling from the ceiling and colorful flower decorations. And, this flan is one to remember. It goes for a paltry $4.99.

Coconut flan from Atlaka (Isabella Menendez/SFMN)

El Atlakat

9425 SW 40th St.
Miami, FL 33173
305-552- 9090

10855 SW 72nd St.
Miami, FL 33173

2273 NW Seventh St.
Miami, FL 33125

There are several locations, including this one right off of Bird Road, El Atlakat is in a convenient location that most Kendall residents pass by every day. The restaurant offers a classic Central American vibe that prepares you for the authentic and flavorful flan. At El Atlakat, you are given two choices of flan: caramel and coconut. We tried the coconut, and it left us speechless. The flan was creamy and sprinkled with specks of coconut. Served on a cute plate with a stylish dollop of whipped cream and garnishes, this $4 dessert will leave you wanting more. 

Flan/Egg custard from La Esquinita Habanera. (Maria Raymondi/SFMN)

La Esquinita Habanera

200 SW 107th Ave.
Miami, FL 33174

Tucked away in the corner of a petite plaza just north of campus lies La Esquinita Habanera. Playing loud old-timey salsa music and serving plátano chips once you take your seat, this restaurant  represents Miami’s Cuban roots. The $4.50 cake-like flan has a creamy and thick consistency. It is soaked in light caramel syrup and has a shocking sugary taste. The flan and prideful Hispanic feel of the restaurant can make patrons feel as if  they are in Cuba. Conveniently, La Esquinita Habanera offers the flan to-go to anyone looking for something quick and sweet. If you decide to buy to-go, it will be packed in an aluminum cupcake liner, keeping your flan in place, chilled, and compact.

Vanilla Flan from Luis Gallindo’s Latin American Restaurant (Isabella Menendez/SFMN)

Luis Gallindo’s Latin American Restaurant

10700 SW 24th St. 
Miami, FL 33165

With “La Gozadera” by Miami’s Gente De Zona blasting on the speakers as you walk in and an abundance of simple wooden decorations, Luis Gallindo’s Latin American Restaurant is a hidden gem. The vanilla flan is heavily dosed in caramel, leaving your taste buds filled with lingering sweetness while also maintaining a just firm-enough custard enhancing its smooth texture. Do not judge the dish by its seemingly small size; this flan is indulgent and rich enough for two. It is further proof that the best flans are not always expensive, costing only $4.

Vanilla Flan from Luis Gallindo’s Latin American Restaurant (Isabella Menendez/SFMN)

Cafe Chantilly Bakery

12618 SW Eighth St. 
Miami, FL 33184

As if flan didn’t already bring enough Latino flavor, Cafe Chantilly Bakery finds a way to blend this dessert with a tres leches, a Mexican sponge cake soaked in three different kinds of milk. The texture of this $5 flan, is less dense than others and so much richer. The home-made sweet syrup at the bottom of the cup amplifies its sweet, honey taste. This was not the only mouth-watering dessert you can choose from. There are a multitude of cupcakes, eclairs, and chocolate cakes all presented in a decorative way. Overall, this family-owned bakery was one to remember.

Isabella Menendez is a sophomore majoring in Broadcast Journalism at FIU with a certificate in pre-law. She is interested in entertainment and public speaking. After graduation, she wishes to attend law school to become an entertainment lawyer.
Maria Raymondi is a senior majoring in digital journalism. After her studies she hopes to further pursue her career with writing articles about criminal events for newspapers, magazines, and other media.