Best Japanese Desserts in Miami

Delicious Japanese desserts can be found scattered around Miami in hotspots ranging from Miami Beach, Wynwood and Brickell to the Design District. They are known for not being too sweet and flavored with more than just sugar. One favorite is the versatile matcha, which elevates any sweet dish with a touch of earthiness. The desserts listed below deliver real Japanese flavors in both baked goods and refreshing frozen sweets. 

Mango Milk Kakigōri from Japow Original. (Katie Kelly/SFMN) 

Japow Original 
151 NE 41st St.
Miami, Florida 33137

Japow Original is one of the only kakigōri, Japanese shaved ice stands in South Florida. Following traditional recipes that have been enjoyed in Japan since the Heian period from 794-1185, the fluffy ice is created using a Japanese hand-cranked machine that spins a block of ice over a blade. It is topped with syrups made from fresh fruits as well as high-quality ingredients blended freshly in-house, then covered with airy espuma. Japow Original also caters events so kakigōri can be enjoyed during special occasions, perfect for any audience with a vast selection of toppings including vegan or dairy-free creams. The regular location for the stand is at the Miami Design District between Gucci and Chanel, the exact location can be found on their website or Instagram. The menu consists of limited flavors that cost from $8 to $9, original flavors that cost from $7 to $8, and kids flavors that cost from $6-$7. Pictured above is the Mango Milk Kakigōri, drizzled with fresh mango syrup, with a layer of cream topped with mangoes. An excellent combination of flavors both sweet and tangy that retailed for $7. 

Matcha Crepe with strawberries and whipped cream from Moshi Moshi. (Katie Kelly/SFMN)

Moshi Moshi 
1744 SW Third Ave. 
Miami, Fl 33129
(844) 466-6744

Moshi Moshi founded by chef Toshi Furihata, who took top honors at the 2009 SushiMasters Regionals competition, is a small chain in Miami with three different locations found in Miami Beach, Biscayne Boulevard and Brickell. In true Izakaya fashion, the restaurant is open between 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. and offers a contactless tip-free payment method. Known for its sushi, tapas and sake the restaurant serves delicious Japanese cuisine with a hint of American and Latin twists. The desserts consist of ice cream sundaes and cakes with a Japanese twist. Pictured above is the matcha crepe that perfectly describes Japanese baked goods that have derived from Western influences. Each layer of crepe was filled with whipped cream and then topped with savory matcha powder and a side of fresh strawberries. The flavorful matcha crepe displayed how amazing it is to combine flavors that complement each other by incorporating piquant notes into sweet desserts. All of the desserts range from $8 to $13 and the matcha crepe is available for $8. 

Matcha Ice Cream from Dasher & Crank. (Katie Kelly/SFMN) 

Dasher & Crank
2211 NW Second Ave. 
Miami, Fl 33127
(305) 640-8579

Dasher & Crank, located in Wynwood, is an artisan craft ice cream parlor with in-house made ice cream created by local and top-tier ingredients. The menu is constantly changing with different flavors available weekly. The ice cream menu offers regular scoops of ice cream along with shakes, sundaes, ice cream sandwiches and ice cream cakes. Dasher & Crank collaborates with Yōko Matcha and sells a range of matcha beverages alongside the vegan matcha ice cream shown above. Yōko matcha is a local business that sources organic ceremonial grade, organic daily grade and Uji culinary grade matcha, sourced from tea fields of Shizuoka, Japan. The founder of the company, Chié Dambara, created the brand taking inspiration from her tea ceremony master grandmother, Yōko. The authentic matcha is extremely flavorful and has a strong earthy taste, a go-to for all matcha lovers. A single scoop of ice cream starts at $6.50 and the prices vary from desserts to drinks. Dasher & Crank not only sells delicious ice creams but has a beautifully decorated angel-themed neon interior, including steps leading to a winged background perfect for photos. 

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