California requires gender-neutral bathrooms in schools (includes video story)

California has passed a law requiring K-12 public schools to have at least one gender-neutral bathroom for students by 2026.

Senate Bill 760 is part of an ongoing conversation surrounding inclusivity and access to facilities for all students.

The San Luis Coastal Unified School District has already implemented gender-neutral bathrooms in its two high schools and plans to use school bond money to add them to middle schools, elementary schools and continuation schools.

Assistant Superintendent Ryan Pinkerton acknowledges that the discussion about gender-neutral restrooms has been ongoing for several years. While some local residents have mixed opinions on the requirement, with concerns about potential issues, others see it as a positive step towards greater acceptance and inclusivity.

Carol Foster, a Shell Beach resident and former P.E. teacher, expressed concerns about potential problems in the bathrooms but also acknowledged the need for vigilance.

Yvonne Kendall from Arroyo Grande views the move as forward-thinking and believes it will lead to greater overall acceptance. She doesn’t see the presence of gender-neutral bathrooms as a danger zone, emphasizing the importance of creating inclusive spaces for all students.

Jalynne Medina is a New York native and college junior majoring in Digital Broadcasting and minoring in Spanish Language and Culture. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a career as a Bilingual Journalist to bridge the gap between the mainstream American media and the Latino community.