The Sunshine Grid Podcast: urbanization in South Florida (includes audio story)

The rapid growth of South Florida in the past decade has created tension between the need for urbanization and protecting the delicate and limited areas suitable for construction.

Episode 1:

In the first episode, the hosts spoke with Hernan Guerrero Applewhite, a housing development coordinator with the City of Miami Community and Economic Development Department. Applewhite spoke about the roots of urbanization and how this trend dates back to some of the earliest civilizations in world history. Applewhite also provided insight into how urbanization should be done in a way that is safe yet efficient. Finally, Applewhite, who is also an assistant professor at Florida International University, spoke about how urbanization can be positive and necessary due to the current housing crisis in South Florida.

Episode 2:

In the second episode, the hosts had an insightful conversation with Amanda Prieto. She is a resident of Calusa, a small community located in West Kendall. Her community is the subject of a fight between residents and a construction company that has been attempting to build homes on what was once a golf course for the community. Prieto’s organization, Save Calusa, was founded in hopes of preserving the former golf course, which is now home to different wildlife, including some endangered birds. Prieto gives insight into what her community now goes through with the construction and why the fight to preserve the land is so important.

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