Charlotte beats Miami in playoff qualification match (includes video story)

Inter Miami faced off against Charlotte FC at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte on  Saturday following the draw of the Wednesday game. 

The South Florida team lost 1-0, but Lionel Messi was the star attraction. Fans from across the country were also excited about the North Carolina stadium.

One visiting fan from New York, Daniel Cruz, said,  “I would say the experience so far has been amazing, very different than what I’m used to, very packed.”

Jennifer Thomas, another fan, shared her excitement after receiving tickets from her mother to attend the match. She was eager to see Messi in action.

Despite Inter Miami’s 0-1 loss, the upcoming season holds the promise of a strong comeback, positioning.

Virginia Tijerino is a Latina Junior majoring in Communications with a specific focus on journalism, accompanied by a minor in education. As a passionate bilingual student, she finds joy in writing and reporting stories on social events and about her community. She holds a strong passion for writing and aspires to pursue a career as a reporter.