From chef to barber — the legacy of a South Florida family (includes audio story)

Anthony Piscazzi’s dream was to be a renowned chef. With experience at restaurants such as Shooters Waterfront, Anthony’s Runway 84, and La Veranda in Pompano Beach, he was on his way to meeting his goal, but life had something completely different in store for him.

One day, while delighting many palates, he unexpectedly received a devastating call. His grandma, the owner of Southland Barber Shop in Fort Lauderdale, had passed away. He was now tasked with keeping iconic barbershop open.

“I never envisioned myself to be a barber,” confessed Piscazzi. “It was a very difficult decision to make — I had to help my family.”

The learning curve was steep for the ex-chef, with the yelling, rushing, and long hours of a kitchen a far cry from the environment of a barbershop.

“Today I feel that I made the right decision,” shared Piscazzi. “I help my family out and have fun doing it every day.”

Carlo Carusi is studying digital broadcasting. After graduation he wishes to pursue a career as a reporter or news anchor.